Undergraduate Admissions for applicants from foreign secondary schools: required documents

Last Update: 
16 September 2021

Please note

Before you submit your application, make sure it is complete and that all required supporting documents are attached in the right format. Should any documents be missing, your application will be deemed incomplete and will not be evaluated. 

For all Applicants

  • All academic transcripts from the last three years of secondary education (including all available grades for the current year).
  • The unweighted cumulative grade average (last 3 years of high school only) : an official proof signed and stamped by the candidate’s secondary school OR a word document prepared by the candidate indicating the obtained average along with the calculation. Please note: Sciences Po will be prompt to recalculate all cumulative averages and could declare the application ineligible in the event of a false declaration.
  • All available scores from secondary school examination (IB predicted grades, A-level predicted grades, etc.) or standardised tests (SAT, ACT, etc.), including expected scores.
  • Secondary school examination certificate, if already held. Otherwise, you must provide it as soon as received.
  • One academic reference (mandatory). You may attach extra academic and/or professional references (optional).
  • Copy of your ID/Passport
  • CV/Résumé (in French or English). 


If you were not able to take your early exams or required standardized tests (AP, IB, SAT/ACT) and cannot obtain these results before applying, rest assured that we are well aware that many institutions and exam providers were impacted by the public health situation related to Covid 19. 

We wish to assure you that your application won’t be at a disadvantage for the 2021 admission campaign, and, upon justification, will be assessed on the basis of what could be presented. 

However,  we encourage applicants who have completed testing and can submit their results to do so, as we believe this can be a valuable addition in our evaluation process. 

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