International graduate admissions: admission criteria

Last Update: 
26 July 2019

First we review the academic level required for admission to the programme applied to (admissibility step) and then we assess the adequation between the applicants profile and the training offered by the selected programme. We also assess your application in regard with the overall applicant’s pool (admission step). 


The academic background and the results obtained are essential factors in the selection process. Please note that previous courses in social sciences will be appreciated.


Please note that meeting the required minimum grade point average does not guarantee an offer of admission. Consider that the other elements in the application are also taken into account, like your professionnal experience and personal background. It is also possible to offer admission to an applicant who has a slightly lower average but whose application includes non academic assets which might compensate.

In very specific situations, some students will be interviewed by telephone/visioconference.

Sciences Po Journalism School : depending on your application, you may be invited to an interview to discuss your motivation and skills with a member of the executive board of the Sciences Po Journalism School. This interview may be conducted through video conference if you are abroad.

Several criteria are taken into account for the admission of international applicants to the master's programme:

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