International graduate admissions: selection criteria

Last Update: 
13 July 2022

Several criteria are taken into account for the selection of applicants to our Master's programmes going through the international graduate procedure.

Academic Excellence

Sciences Po requires a minimum undergraduate average gradeApplicants with averages below the minimum required level will automatically be deemed not admissible. No exception will be made.

An undergraduate average close to our minimum academic requirements, a Master's average above our minimum academic requirements, or any other element of the application, will not lead to an exception to this rule.

Applicants must rank among the best students in their class. An average grade meeting our prerequisites does not in itself guarantee your admissibility.

Please note: For more information on countries that are not listed, please contact us.

Motivation for Sciences Po and for the requested programmes

The adequacy between the applicant's career plans and the requested programme is evaluated in order to ensure that the prospective student stands to gain the most from it.

Applicants must express a precise idea of the professional field that they are aiming for, what aspects of the programme they find attractive and explain how it fits their career plans.

It is also important that they demonstrate their willingness to be an integral part of the Sciences Po student community and our alumni circle.


References are mandatory and carry a lot of weight in the assessment of your application.

The choice of referees is essential. We suggest you contact them before starting your application.

Professional Experience

Relevant professional experience (or at least one or several internships) is appreciated, preferably in the field of the programme.

If you have several years of professional experience, please check our One-year Master’s programmes and Executive Education.

Personal background

Activities that demonstrate leadership capacity and overall responsibility are appreciated. Any personal experience attesting open-mindedness, curiosity or enterprise is an asset (sports, arts, charity, etc.).

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