Discussion on Energy Trading

Wed, 2017-03-15 14:45 - 16:45

A seminar with David Fyfe, Chief Economist of Gunvor 


Discussion on Energy Trading

With David Fyfe, Chief Economist of Gunvor

Introduced and moderated by Giacomo Luciani, Scientific Advisor of the Master in International Energy, PSIA


Wednesday, March 15 | 14:45-16:45

PSIA, Room S1, 28 rue des Saints-Pères


David Fyfe is the Chief Economist of Gunvor, one of the leading trading houses based in Geneva. Previously, David worked for the International Energy Agency. He will discuss the recent trends in energy trading, including oil, gas and electricity; and the role of trading houses. Trading is becoming more important and individual markets are increasingly interconnected, so the point of view of trading houses is crucially important.

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