What is French Security Policy in Africa Today?

An interview with Benedikt Erforth
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The Cyber Turn of the Contemporary Art Market

An article by Elena Sidorova
  • Blockchain technology background. Copyright ShutterstockBlockchain technology background. Copyright Shutterstock

Elena Sidorova, PhD student at CERI Sciences Po, is the author of "The Cyber Turn of the Contemporary Art Market," Arts 2019, 8(3), 84; https://doi.org/10.3390/arts8030084

Abstract: The paper addresses the issue of digitalization of the contemporary art market. It analyzes key features of today’s online art market and discusses three technological innovations—cryptocurrency, blockchain, and artificial intelligence—that have the potential to contribute to the further development and growth of online art trade. The paper demonstrates that whereas cyberspace attracts new talent and great business ideas intended to make global art commerce more versatile and efficient, online art market players alongside with providers of online art market data and analytics offer interesting avenues of future research in this sector.

Keywords: online art market; cryptocurrency; blockchain; artificial intelligence (AI)

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Alain Dieckhoff

Elected International Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
  • Alain Dieckhoff. Photo Thomas Arrivé, Sciences PoAlain Dieckhoff. Photo Thomas Arrivé, Sciences Po

Alain Dieckhoff, CNRS Research Professor and Director of CERI has been elected International Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

"Founded in 1882, the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) comprises the Academies of Arts, Humanities and Sciences, and The College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists. The RSC recognizes excellence, advises the government and the larger society, and promotes a culture of knowledge and innovation in Canada and with other national academies around the world."

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Freedom for Fariba Adelkhah

Our colleague detained in Iran since June 2019
  • Fariba Adelkhah - CERI Sciences PoFariba Adelkhah - CERI Sciences Po
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What is Grand Strategy?

Two publications by Thierry Balzacq
  • Allies Grand Strategy Conference in North AfricaAllies Grand Strategy Conference in North Africa
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