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Rethinking Power in Turkey Through Everyday Practices

Edited by Elise Massicard
Anthropology of the Middle East
  • Actualité Sciences PoActualité Sciences Po

"Rethinking Power in Turkey through Everyday Practices," Anthropology of the Middle East, Volume 13 (2018): Issue 2 (Dec 2018)

Guest edited by Élise Massicard

This thematic issue aims to identify and discuss the dynamics, effects and modes of ‘politics from below’ – a framing that suggests different understandings of politics. The aim is to open up the very definition of ‘politics’ and discuss multiple social practices whose ‘political’ dimension is at stake.


Table of Contents

Theme Section 

Introduction Rethinking Power in Turkey through Everyday Practices
By: Élise Massicard
Pages: 1–7

Abstract: In an increasingly authoritarian Turkish context that precludes any serious chance of making tangible political gains, challenging common conception of ‘the political’ may expand our understanding of power dynamics. Attempting to track power relations outside the most official, legitimate, conventional and formalised forms of politics provides alternative and sharper insights into how the political is being reframed and how actors retain, uphold, perpetuate or transform their capacity for agency. In an interdisciplinary perspective, but drawing mainly on anthropological literature and methodology, the issue addresses four questions – both empirically in the Turkish case and more conceptually: politicisation, visibility, social stratification and domination.
 Inheriting and Living the Political

The Leftist Youth Subculture in Istanbul
By: Lorenzo D’Orsi
Pages: 8–25

Lawyers against the Law The Challenge of Turkish Lawyering Associations
By: Joakim Parslow
Pages: 26–42 

Expanding Religion and Islamic Morality in Turkey The Role of the Diyanet’s Women Preachers
By: Chiara Maritato
Pages: 43–60 

Dreams from Beyond as Politics from Below The Social Life of Dream Stories within the Hizmet-AKP Conflict in Turkey
By: Ida Hartmann
Pages: 61–78 

The Mahalle as Margin of the State Shifting Sensitivities in Two Neighbourhood Spaces of Istanbul By: Urszula Woźniak
Pages: 79–94 

Politics in the Piyasa Marching, Marketing and the Emergence of Gay Identities in Istanbul
By: Samuel Williams
Pages: 95–112 

Epilogue Mapping the Topography of Oppression
By: Jenny White
Pages: 113–124 


By: Behnam Amini, Natalia Suit and Soheila Shahshahani
Pages: 125–134

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