BatimentSince 2002, CERI has been a joint research unit (UMR) under the supervision of Sciences Po and the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

In compliance with this status, CERI is governed by a consultative board, a Unit Council, composed of ten elected members representing the academic faculty and the administrative staff, and other members appointed by the director. The council defines CERI’s scientific orientations, selects its research priorities, and discusses the budget.

The director of CERI is appointed by the President of Sciences Po, after a preliminary consultative vote by the Unit Counci and the confirmation by the CNRS. The director is then able to serve for a 5-year term, renewable once. 


Members of the Unit Council as of January 1, 2018

Senior faculty (Electoral College A) 

Junior faculty (Electoral College B) 

Administrative staff (Electoral College C)

  • Miriam Perier
  • Etienne Guigonnat

Appointed members 

  • Gilles Andréani, member of the French Supreme Audit Office, former diplomat 
  • Sarah Tanke, PhD representative 
  • Steffen Hertog, associate professor, London School of Economics
  • Catherine Mayeur-Jaouen, professor, INALCO
  • Frédéric Ramel, professor, Sciences Po/CERI
  • Sabine Saurugger, professor, IEP Grenoble