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Emerging Capitalism in Central Europe and Southeast Asia. A Comparison of Political Economies, by François Bafoil

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Palgrave Macmillan, September 2014, 256 p.

The book examines the emergence of different forms of capitalism in Central-Eastern states in Europe and Mekong states within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). All of them (but Thailand) have historically disappeared from the regional maps for long periods of time due to colonial or imperial rule. Most of them were previously members of a soviet-type economy, and they all joined ASEAN or the European Union in the 1990s or in the 2000s. These states are characterized by a strong urge toward feelings of national sovereignty due to their experiences with colonialism and imperialism. 


Gaza: A History, by Jean-Pierre Filiu


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Hust & Co, London, July 2014, 424p.

Through its millennium–long existence, Gaza has often been bitterly disputed while simultaneously and paradoxically enduring prolonged neglect. Jean-Pierre Filiu’s book is the first comprehensive history of Gaza in any language...


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"A masterpiece in the litterature of the Arab-Israeli conflict" - Sunday Times, 14 September 2014


Shiism and Politics in the Middle East, by Laurence Louër
The author argues that local political imperatives have been the crucial factor determining the direction of Shiite states in the Middle East. The book contributes to dispelling the myth of the determining power of Iran in the politics of Iraq, Bahrain and other Arab states with significant Shiite populations.
Karachi. Ordered Disorder and the Struggle for the City, by Laurent Gayer
Since the mid-1980s, Karachi has endured endemic political conflict and criminal violence, which revolve around control of the city and its resources (votes, land and bhatta — ‘protection’ money). These struggles for the city have become ethnicised. In the process, Karachi, often referred to as a ‘Pakistan in miniature’, has become increasingly fragmented, socially as well as territorially.
The Transformational Effects of the Oil and Gas Strategy of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, by Gareth Stansfield
An entity — or entities — existing within and across the boundaries of sovereign states established in the aftermath of World War I, Kurdistan, or the ‘Kurdistans’ of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran, have rarely engaged in actions and activities that may be considered to be ‘transformational’ in terms of how they would impact upon the broader milieu of Middle Eastern political and economics lives.
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