Governing Migration and Asylum Crises. An Interview with Céline Cantat and Thibaut Jaulin

Celine Cantat and Thibaut Jaulin. MAGYC. Photo by Miriam PerierFive years ago, in 2015, and the first months of 2016, almost 1.2 million refugees and migrants reached European shores. Most of them were fleeing conflict and persecution in their homeland. This ongoing phenomenon, labelled the refugee crisis in Europe, influences migration governance and migration policies in Europe.

The CERI is part of a European-funded project called MigrAtion Governance and asYlum Crises (MAGYC) and welcomes two researchers, Céline Cantat and Thibaut Jaulin , who lead two work packages within the project. We are interested in knowing their background and their research interest, as well as their specific role(s) within MAGYC. Interview with Céline Cantat and Thibaut Jaulin.