Sciences Po and the U.S.

A Pivotal Link between Sciences Po and the United States

The longstanding relations between Sciences Po and the U.S. underscore the important role of the US Sciences Po Foundation in the school’s future success. With many alumni living and working in the United States, numerous existing and developing transatlantic programs, and the Reims campus dedicated to North American studies, the connection between Sciences Po and the U.S. is deeply rooted and ever growing.

A Network of Partnerships

  • Sciences Po partners with more than 80 universities in the U.S. including Columbia, Harvard, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Yale, New York University, and the University of California system.
  • Partnerships include student exchanges, dual undergraduate and graduate degree programs, joint academic research, and professor exchanges.
  • Sciences Po undergraduates are required to spend their third year outside of France, and the U.S. is the most popular destination. Approximately 200 Sciences Po students spent the 2012-2013 academic year at U.S. partner universities.
  • 650 American students – the largest number of students from one nation outside the European Union – study at Sciences Po campuses in France every year.
  • There is a steady flow of professors between Sciences Po and U.S. based partners, including Columbia, Northwestern, Georgetown, NYU, Harvard, and Yale, to name a few.

Dual Degree Programs

  • Sciences Po and Columbia University offer seven dual degree programs; among them are a four-year BA, a Master’s Degree in journalism, and a Ph.D. in political science.
  • Columbia University is the U.S. partner in the Alliance Program, a non-profit Franco-American venture between Columbia, Sciences Po, the Ecole Polytechnique, and the Université Paris 1/Panthéon-Sorbonne.
  • Sciences Po offers a dual Master’s Degree in International Affairs and Law with Georgetown University.
  • Sciences Po offers a Dual Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in International Affairs at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Sciences Po offers a Dual Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies at Northwestern University.
  • Sciences Po offers a Dual Master’s Degree in Finance and Strategy and Law at University of Pennsylvania.
  • Sciences Po also offers J.D. track Master’s program through partnership with Columbia University, Georgetown University, Northwestern University, University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, and University of Virginia.

Euro-American Academic Opportunities

The Europe-North America undergraduate program on the Reims campus offers the same core curriculum as Sciences Po’s Paris site, with a special focus on the United States and Canada. Through the Reims campus, students have the opportunity to pursue Dual BA degrees through partner institutions. Through this unique program, students are able to earn Bachelors of Arts degrees from two of the world’s most prestigious universities: Sciences Po and either Columbia University or the University of British Columbia:

  • Students are challenged academically through Sciences Po’s social science focus and UBC or CU’s core requirements.
  • The first two years are spent at one of Sciences Po’s region-specific campuses, where students must complete coursework in Economics, History, Law, Politics, and Sociology. Students also use these first two years for language instruction.
  • The third and fourth years are spent at the partner institution, where students follow core and concentration requirements, while simultaneously fulfilling Sciences Po’s yearlong study abroad requirement.
  • International mobility and an overseas experience are invaluable assets for all young graduates starting a career.
  • Aimed principally at students specializing in the social sciences and humanities, the Dual BA provides students with the opportunity to develop their intellectual and professional capabilities from a cross-cultural and transatlantic perspective.

The program brings together students from around the world and offers distinct contexts for study in France and North America, giving students a diverse cultural experience.

College Board Membership

In a move that will facilitate the recruitment of American students, Sciences Po is the first French public university to be granted membership with the College Board, which connects North American high school students to universities across the U.S. and around the world.

Center for the Americas

The Center for the Americas at Sciences Po promotes and implements the institution's academic and scientific cooperation with American, Canadian and Latin American universities.

It offers a platform for debate and discussion with the whole American continent.

The Center for the Americas main objectives are as follows: to foster student mobility from the undergraduate to the doctoral levels between Sciences Po and an extensive network of top-ranking partner universities covering the whole continent.

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