Sciences Po American Foundation Scholarship Fund

Sciences Po is a selective research university renowned for its interdisciplinary approach to humanities and social sciences. For years, Sciences Po has integrated international perspectives into both its curriculum and student body. The institution immerses students in a multicultural learning environment. 49% of its student body holds a passport other than French.

Of this international body, Sciences Po welcomes over 400 students from the United States who are pursuing degrees from Sciences Po, and another 400 students from the United States who spend time on Sciences Po’s campuses as exchange students. Students from the United States contribute immensely to Sciences Po’s establishment, and also gain rich knowledge from the institution.

The Émile Boutmy Scholarship Program welcomes degree seekers from outside of the European Union by means of financial support. The program considers both merit and financial need. Between two equally outstanding candidates, the scholarship is awarded to the student with less income. The Emile Boutmy Scholarship Program contributes largely to the financial aid of U.S. students. In the 2020-2021 school year, Sciences Po awarded €325,000 to 36 U.S. students to study at the Collège Universitaire or for their Masters, in one Sciences Po’s seven graduate schools. 

This accounts for 12% of global Boutmy funding for the year, and the most funding out of any country. 

If you are a student, and wish to apply to the Émile Boutmy Scholarship, follow this link.

Tuitions fees for students from the United States

Undergraduate studies: tuition fees are €13,190 per academic year (3-year program)

Graduate studies: tuition fees are €18,260 per academic year (2-year program)

Sciences Po American Foundation Scholarship Fund

Late 2021, an initial donation of $30,000 was allocated to create the Sciences Po American Foundation Scholarship Fund, to support students from the United States studying at Sciences Po. 

Make a gift to the US Scholarship Fund.

Spotlight: Longview Scholarship in honor of Jane Pumphrey Nes

Jane Pumphrey Nes, American from Baltimore, MD (United States), was at the same time journalist, historian, avid classical music lover and real estate developer. Her long life in France, shared with the United States from the mid-sixties until her death in 2017, aroused in her a passion to learn and to enrich her knowledge of European life, both in the arts and culture but also in history and in foreign languages.

The Longview Scholarship embodies the values of Jane Pumphrey Nes and gives students of American nationality the opportunity to continue their studies for two years at Sciences Po, in the heart of the capital.  The Longview Scholarship carries a monetary value of $55,000 (disbursed in two instalments, for two years of study).

The Longview scholarship is intended for students who show a deep interest in France and the French language. It is awarded on the basis of academic merit and financial need criteria, and is subject to the following prerequisites:

  • The recipient must be an American citizen;
  • The recipient must gain admission to a Sciences Po’s Master program;
  • The recipient must do an internship or a professional mission in France or in Europe (except in the UK) for at least two months during his/her master degree at Sciences Po.

If you are a student and wish to learn more, follow this link.

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