Are We Saturated With Organisations?
14 December 2022
On the State and Religions in France
15 December 2022

Cogito 19

Cogito 19 - Crédits ScPo

In this issue, Cogito addresses structural issues: from secularism to the evaluation of public policies, and including economic, educational and gender inequalities, the manipulation of history, the governance of behavior, and peace politics. The issue also includes case studies of green school campuses, Down’s syndrome screening, and data journalism. A highlight is the profile of Alexander Prokhanov, whose thinking permeates Putin’s imperial ambitions. Enjoy the read!

In Folio

From Dictatorships to Terrorism, How to End the Violence?
Interview with Sandrine Lefranc
Are We Saturated With Organisations?
by Olivier Borraz
Making Public Policy Evaluation Accessible
by Anne Revillard
Benevolence and International Relations
by Frédéric Ramel
On the State and Religions in France
by Lucien Jaume
Reducing Rural Poverty in China
a study by Moshe Buchinsky & al.
Refusing Down’s Syndrome Screening: A Reasoned Choice
Interview with Gaëlle Larrieu
Is a Data Journalist Worth a Hundred?
by Sylvain Parasie
Erasures and the Quest for Modernity: The Case of China
by Pierre Fuller

Research in Projects

Unearthing the Roots of Inequality
by Ghazala Azmat
Schoolyards: An Answer to Climate Challenges?
by Carlo Barone

Rising Star

New Russia, New Empire: Prokhanov’s Dream
Interview with Juliette Faure