Projets sélectionnées pour financement interne / 2022-2023

  • Causes and consequences of rising earnings segregation at work
    Olivier Godechot, CRIS
  • Demand for Justice before the French Supreme Courts. Judicial Aid, 1850-2000
    Claire Lemercier, CSO
  • Evaluating Blended Finance in the EU (EvalEU
    Matthias Thiemann, CEE
  • Meeting with the Enemy? Exploring the Tripartite Meetings in the UNIFIL mission in South Lebanon
    Chiara Ruffa, CERI
  • Social Change in Global Perspective : A Formal Analysis
    Ettore Recchi, CRIS
  • "Social inequalities" in health: agenda-setting and policy tracing from 2004 to the Covid-19 crisis
    Patrick Castel CSO
  • Social Impact in the Banking Industry: A Historical Perspective
    Michele Fioretti, Departement d'économie
  • Survival and Sovereignty in Yakutia-Sakha (1985-2022)
    Sabine Dullin, Centre d'histoire
  • Targeted and Open INTerviews
    Yann Renisio, CRIS
  • The effect of matching frictions for economic growth
    Kerstin Holzheu, Departement d'économie
  • What Drives Private Higher Education in France?
    Christine Musselin, CSO

Call for joint projects Sciences Po / UPC 2023

  • Parenting and Inequalities in Early Child Development: Experimental Evidence
    Carlo Barone, LIEPP
  • The financialization iceberg: a transnational and trans-scalar ethnography of debts in illegal markets (Asia, South America, and Europe)
    Gabriel Feltran, CEE / Jeanne Lazarus, CSO


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