Roger Waldinger  is visiting LIEPP and OSC from the 20th of March to the 3rd of April, 2015.

University of California
Sociology of international migration

Bio :

Roger Waldinger is Distinguished Professor of Sociology at UCLA. He has worked on international migration throughout his career, writing on a broad set of topics, including immigrant entrepreneurship, labor markets, assimilation, the second generation, high-skilled immigration, immigration policy, and public opinion.

Waldinger has published seven books, including The Cross-Border Connection: Immigrants, Emigrants, and their Homelands (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2015) and How the Other Half Works: Immigration and the Social Organization of Labor (University of California Press, 2003).  Waldinger is also the author of many articles and book chapters, including “The politics of cross-border engagement: Mexican emigrants and the Mexican state,” Theory and Society, V43, 5 (2014);  “Crossing Borders: International Migration in the New Century,” Contemporary Sociology, V42, 3 (2013); Inheriting the homeland? Intergenerational transmission of cross-border ties in migrant families (with Thomas Soehl), American Journal of Sociology, November (2012), V. 118:3.; “Emigrants and the Body Politic Left Behind,” (with Thomas Soehl and Nelson Lim), Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, V. 38, 5 (2012).    A 2008 Guggenheim Fellow, his research has been supported by grants from the Ford, Haines, Mellon, National Science, Sloan and Russell Sage Foundations. He received the 2012 Distinguished Career Award from the International Migration Section of the American Sociological Association.

Contributions : 

Roger presents his work at a OSC/LIEPP joint seminar on March 26, 2015 Au delà du transnationalisme : les immigrés, les émigrés et leurs pays d'origine.


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  • Roger Waldinger, "The politics of cross-border engagement: Mexican emigrants and the Mexican state", Theor Soc (2014) 43:483–511
  • Roger Waldinger, "Engaging from abroad: The sociology of emigrant politics", Migrat Stud (2014) 2 (3): 319-339
  • Roger Waldinger, "Immigrant transnationalism", Current Sociology Review 61(5-6) 756–777

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