Nathalie MOREL

Assistant Professor in Political Science, LIEPP/CEE
Co-director of LIEPP "Socio-fiscal Policies" Research Group

socio-fiscal policies

Bio :

Nathalie Morel joined LIEPP in September 2014 as an assistant professor in political sciences. Affiliated with the Centre d’Etudes Européennes since 2010 and with LIEPP since 2012, she is also co-director of the “Socio-fiscal Policies” Research Group at LIEPP.

She received her PhD in sociology from Université Paris I in September 2007, and went on to work as a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute for Future Studies in Stockholm, from 2008 to 2010.

Her research interests lie in childcare and elderly care policies as well as social investment and the political economy of domestic work. 

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