Visiting professor from 1st September 2014 to 30th September 2014

Yale School of Public Health

Bio :

Jody Sindelar is a Yale professor and health economist with appointments at the School of Public Health, Department of Health Policy and Management; the Institution for Social and Policy Studies (ISPS), the Medical School and the economics department.  In addition, Dr. Sindelar is a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research and a Research Fellow at IZA (Institute for the Study of Labor). She has been the Bing Visiting faculty at Rand Corporation in Santa Monica, CA and Washington, DC, and has been President of the American Society of Health Economists (ASHEcon). Professor Sindelar has published over 100 papers in the areas of health economics and labor economics. She has served on numerous editorial, review, advisory and other boards and committees, and has presented her research at seminars and conferences both nationally and internationally. 

In health economics her subspecialty is the economics of addiction and behavioral economics as applied to health policy. She has published on the economics of tobacco use and regulation, substance abuse treatment,  and alcohol and illicit drug policies. Her studies in labor economics have combined both labor and health issues, examining for example, the impact of retirement on health, job stress and substance abuse, and lost productivity due to alcohol use.

Professor currently leads several multi-year, externally funded research projects including a state-wide field experiment to determine if tobacco cessation financial incentives can help Medicaid enrollees quit smoking. Another set of experiments produces new information relevant to the FDA’s newly won ability to regulate cigarettes and e-cigarettes.  She also has current projects in China (a field experiment on smoking) and Mexico. Overall, she has a large portfolio of funded projects including large scale field studies, conference grants and a grant to support PhD students.

Personal page :

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