LIEPP's Visiting Professor from June 1st - 30th 2016

Stratification, Health and Social Policies, Inequality
inégalité, Politiques de santé et sociales, Stratification

Bio :

Jason Beckfield is Professor of Sociology at Harvard University. His research investigates the institutional causes and consequences of social inequality. Currently, he is working on three projects: (1) a book about economic inequality in the European Union; (2) a monograph and a series of journal articles that develop an institutional theory of stratification, with a substantive focus on population health; and (3) collaborative publications, many co-authored with doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows, that investigate long-term trends in the development of political economy. At Harvard, he teaches courses on social inequality, population health, and quantitative methods, and collaborates with colleagues at the Center for Population and Development Studies, Center for European Studies, and Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. At Sciences Po, he will present evidence from his first book, Unequal Europe, which is forthcoming from Oxford University Press in 2017. He will also be continuing the research for his new book, which is forthcoming from Oxford University Press in 2018, on the institutional foundations of population health distribution.

Contributions :

Jason Beckfield is LIEPP's Visiting Professor from the 1st-30th June 2016. In this occasion, he presents a paper entitled Institutional Theory and the Distribution of Population Health in a seminar on June 20th 2016. 

Personal page :

See Jason BECKFIELD personal page for further information

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