Cornelia WOLL

Professor of Political Science

Office : F303

Science politique
Political science

Bio :

Cornelia Woll is professor of political science and a researcher at the Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics at Sciences Po. She was the founding co-director of LIEPP from 2011 to 2015.

Her research focuses on the international political economy and comparative politics, in particular regulatory issues in the European Union and the United States. A specialist on business-government relations, she has published books on bank bailouts in the recent financial crisis and on service trade liberalization (both with Cornell University Press, 2014 and 2008). Other work has examined economic patriotism, trade and industrial policies, Europeanization and employers' organizations.

She has served as Vice President for Studies and Academic Affairs (2015-18) and as Associate Dean for Research (2008-12) of Sciences Po. She was also the founding co-director of the Max Planck Sciences Po Center on Coping with Instability in Market Societies (MaxPo)

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