What Policies for Property Ownership ?


Research team: 

Pierre-Henri Bono  
Marine Bourgeois  
Guillaume Chapelle
Nordine Kireche  
Patrick Le Galès  
Camille Urvoy   
Etienne Wasmer  




What are the conditions for home ownership in Europe and how have they evolved over the past 40 years? How can we explain the distribution of home occupancy patterns and the profile of home buyers? What has been the impact of economic and political circumstances related to interest rates, the 2008 economic crisis more broadly the Eastern European transition?

What are the economic dynamics and the logic of property market actors in France and in Europe?

The aim of the study conducted by LIEPP and the Urban School of Sciences Po is to learn from the French case by understanding the positive and negative impacts of certain policies as a part of LIEPP's mission in public policy evaluation.

The research will be conducted until 2019 within the framework of sponsorship agreement signed with the Crédit Foncier de France


Publications [in French]:

Nordine KIRECHE, La dynamique du Grand Paris et ses perspectives pour le logement, décembre 2018.

Pierre-Henri BONO, Guillaume CHAPELLE, Camille URVOY, Planification urbaine et régulation foncière, juillet 2018.

Marine BOURGEOIS, Les conditions d’accès à la propriété en Europe et leurs évolutions, février 2018.

Guillaume CHAPELLE, Qui sont les locataires qui peuvent devenir propriétaires grâce à la baisse des taux d'intérêt?, novembre 2017.

In the media:

"Sciences Po et le Crédit Foncier révèlent à qui profite la baisse des taux d'intérêt" [Sciences Po and Crédit Foncier reveal who benefits from falling interest rates] article in Business Immo reporting the results of LIEPP's study 

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