Stereotypes, Self-censorship and academic success

Research team:

Nina Guyon (National University of Singapore) 

Elise Huillery (Co-director of the Educational policies research group)

The project seeks to account for the negative effects of stereotypes associated with underprivileged social classes on the academic success of adolescents coming from these social classes. These stereotypes may not only lower academic results, a fact which has never been rigorously demonstrated in France, but also lead adolescents to self-censorship, limiting their ambitions relative to what their academic results permit them. The project also allows for the evaluation of the role of parents in the instigation of stereotypes in adolescents.

Results of the project:

The first results of the project were presented twice:

  • February 11th, 2014: seminar "Origine sociale et choix d'orientation", organised by the Research Group "Educational Politicies" of LIEPP (see the description of the event on our website, and the slide show)
  • February 18th, 2014: seminar organised by the Department of Economics of the University of Namur (see the event on their webpage, and the Working Paper)

In the media:


Research poster (pdf in French):
"L'origine sociale limite-t-elle l'ambition ?", June 2014


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