Quoc-Anh Do

The first researcher recruited by the LIEPP
  • Quoc-Anh DoQuoc-Anh Do

The LIEPP team has been expanded with the recruitment of Quoc-Anh Do in a joint position with the Economics Department of Sciences Po.

Quoc-Anh Do, of Vietnamese origin, was awarded a PhD in economic sciences by Harvard in 2008 under the direction of Alberto Alesina, Michael Kremer, Philippe Aghion and Jerry Green. Former student of École Polytechnique, and laureate of the International Mathematical Olympiad (Bronze medal in 1996, Gold medal in 1997), he has already been published in the foremost international reviews (notably the Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of the European Economic Association).

His domain of work is concentrated in political economy, applied microeconomics and field research in the economics of development. He addresses the question of the evaluation of public policies by means of enquiries on corruption and nepotism (for example for the politics of infrastructure) as well as the political determinants of the provision of public goods (education, health).

His full CV is available here.

Quoc-Anh Do joins the LIEPP team and the young researchers of the Economics Department recently recruited on similar themes, notably Ruben Durante (PhD Brown) in political economy, Roberto Galbiati (PhD Université́ de Sienne) in law and economics and Elise Huillery (PhD École d’Economie de Paris) in economic development.