Les politiques publiques et la gouvernance des transitions écologiques

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The aim of this systematic and exploratory literature review is to examine the role played by political regulations, and in particular political policies and governance, in studies of ecological transitions. Based on a corpus of 100 scientific articles, we carried out analyses by metadata, by sector and finally across disciplines, to identify how public policy and governance - as an object of study and as disciplines - shed light on the analysis of ecological transitions. As an object of study, what dimensions of public policy and governance are mobilised by work on transitions to account for the transformations underway? As disciplines, what concepts, analytical frameworks, tools and methods of policy and governance studies are used in the field of transition studies? In a second stage, this literature review also aims to establish a dialogue with practitioners involved in assessing transitions, in order to refine our understanding of the role of public policy and governance in these processes.

Poster of the project - June 2023

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