The price of democracy

The price of democracy

Joint seminar LIEPP / EAP, September 26th 05:00 pm - 07:00 pm
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LIEPP and School of Public Affairs of Sciences Po are pleased to invite you to the seminar around the Julia Cagé's new book: 

The price of democracy

 Wednesday, September 26th 2018
05:00 pm - 07:00 pm

Amphi Leroy Beaulieu
27 rue Saint Guillaume, 75007 Paris 

 Registration is closed

julia cagé

Julia Cagé
Assistant Professor - Department of Economics at Sciences Po,
Co-director of LIEPP's Evaluation of democracy research group

Le prix de la démocratie, Julia Cagé, Fayard, 2018.


One person, one voice: democracy is based on a promise of equality that too often comes crashing down on the wall of money. Financing campaigns, donations to political parties, taking control of the media: for decades, the democracy is increasingly captured by private interests.

Based on an unprecedented study of private and public political financing in a dozen countries over more than fifty years, Julia Cagé studies the state of democracy, dissects national models, and narrates attempts - often unsuccessful, but always instructive - regulating the relationship between money and politics.

In the United States, where all the regulation of democracy has been swept away by ideology, the political staff no longer responds to the preferences of the most favored. In France, the state has put in place a system of tax reductions allowing the richest to be reimbursed the bulk of their donations to political parties, while the poorest, they pay full price.

These drifts do not come from a conspicuously orchestrated plot but from our collective lack of involvement. The question of the financing of democracy has never really been raised; that of the representation of the popular classes must be on a more radical mode. To break the impasse, here are proposals that revolutionize the way of thinking politics and innovative reforms for a new democracy.


Martial Foucault, Professor of Political Science at Sciences Po, Director of CEVIPOF

Bastien François, Professor of Political Science at Paris 1 University - Panthéon Sorbonne, CESSP


See the video presenting the book "The price of démocracy" with Julia Cagé:

video julia cagé 

Read the interview of Julia Cagé [in French].

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