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Cancer prevention and screening (Prev-Cancers)

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Cancer prevention and screening: an international comparison of practices (Prev-Cancers)

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Elisa CHELLE (Université Paris Nanterre, LIEPP) 

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Project description: 

France stands far below the European objectives for cancer prevention. The reduction of cancer-related mortality is due not only to oncological treatment, but also to prevention and screening. Population awareness has different effects depending on the social environment. It is at the extremes of the social scale that it is more difficult to reduce the impact of cancer: the poorest and the most affluent. This literature review will seek to identify therapeutic education or communication strategies at these two poles of society. It will be based on experiments carried out in comparable countries (Great Britain, United States, Canada, Italy, Germany, Sweden, etc.). The European Union is another area that will be given particular attention. The general principle of this literature review is to bring together foreign experiences to which French practitioners do not have direct access. In the longer term, this project could be the beginning of a more substantial partnership between LIEPP and the Centre régional de coordination des dépistages des cancers en Île-de-France (of which I am a member of the scientific council).

Poster of the project  - June 2023