Doctoral Researchers

Environmental history of the United States, Transimperial relations to 1914, Political economy of empires and the emergence of new imperialism
Politics and advertising, Political communication
India, XIXth-XXIth centuries
History of ideas, Social movements, socialism, Vatican II, France and Italy
Catholicism, Cultural History of contemporary France and Italy, History of the policies and institutions devoted to population and welfare, Public policies
International History, History of the United States, Economic History
World War I, War-disabled
Modern Chinese History
History of political economy, History of expertise and knowledge, History of French Indochina and Oriental Asia (XIXth-XXth centuries), History of International relations
Contemporary Turkey, History of health policies
Far-left politics in France (20th century)
History of administration, Atlantic History, French and Haitian revolutions
British Social History, Political History of the Labor Movement, History of 20th Century Popular Culture, History of the Welfare State
History of sexual practices, History of institutions
Family planning, Birth control
Art History, Looted Art, Cultural Heritage in Armed conflicts, Restitution
Transnational history, History of decolonization
Asylums, 19th Century, Internment
Diplomatic History, France / Poland
War and Coming out of War, 19th and 20th Centuries
Left, History of lefts, History of the Middle East, Social Movements
Rural History, Agricultural Modernization, Cultural history of Brittany
History of Art, History of emotions, Artificial Intelligences
History of colonial psychiatry, Social history of colonial Algeria, History of medical work, History of the contemporary "warrior phenomenon" and violence
History of international relations, History of the United States, Political History, Evangelicalism
Company History, Transnational and comparative History, Social and cultural history
Construction and circulation of medical knowledge, 18th-19th centuries
Transnational history, War and Coming out of War, 20th century
Transnational history, China
Art history, Contemporary Art, Labour history
Gender and Resistance, WWII
Transnational history, History of the lefts, History of the Socialist party (France and Italy)
Economic History, history of empires and history of globalization
Arts and Societies
Arts and Societies, Landscapes, Chinese contemporary art
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