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Noémie Morize, winner of the 2023 Sociologie du Travail Young Writers' Prize


Noémie Morize
Noémie Morize

The Young Authors' Prize, organised each year by the Sociologie du travail journal, encourages young authors to showcase their research work and challenge academic standards by adopting the codes of scientific writing and playing the game of peer review.

Congratulations to Noémie Morize, a dissertation student at the Institut d'études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) under the supervision of Patrick Castel (Centre de sociologie des organisations) and Cécile Fournier (Institut de recherche et de documentation en économie de la santé), for winning second prize ex-aequo for their article entitled "Les bons comptes ne font pas l'égalité. Le partage des rémunérations en Maison de santé". The subject of the article was multi-professional health centres (Maisons de santé pluri-professionnelles - MSPs), a new way of organising healthcare. Launched in 2007 to encourage young professionals to set up in rural areas, MSPs bring together several medical professions and promote a collegiate approach. By taking a closer look at this new professional dynamic from the angle of the way in which dedicated funding is used, the article examines the capacity of these structures to modify professional hierarchies (between doctors and nurses in particular) and gender inequalities. It is based on observations of working meetings at ministerial level and on a longitudinal monographic survey (2019-2023) in three MSPs.