PHD Tuition Fees & Funding

Tuition fees

For all students admitted to the PhD programme at the “Thesis” level, the annual fee for the 2022/2023 academic year is 380 €, irrespective of tax residency.

For additional information on administrative registration, please visit the "Administrative registration" page.

See the "Exceptional Arrangements" page

Funding from Sciences Po

In order to make Sciences Po accessible to all and promote academic success, Sciences Po has significantly improved its student support services.

These services are determined in conjunction with teacher and student representatives elected to the Joint Committee and the Board of Directors.  A report is presented to these bodies each year.  A monitoring group of teachers, students, and experts regularly meets to evaluate the support services and to propose new ideas.

Prizes and calls for proposals (Current calls)

The Graduate school also tracks outside sources of funding for PhD students. These most often take the form of support for travel or financial support for publication.  

See the "Prizes and calls for proposals" page

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