210217 - Co-evolution, integration, and coordination of public policies with Martino Maggetti, IEP & University of Lausanne, LAGAPE

17 Février, 2021 - 12:30 - 14:30

Seminar of the Key Theme "The State as a Producer of Public Policies"

Sciences Po, Via Zoom, compulsory registration

How public policies relate to one another constitutes an important research problem. This issue concerns the coordination of different policies and public sector organisations during crisis events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, as well the integration of long-term goals, for example regarding climate change, into existing policy programs. The emergence of increasingly complex policy problems and policy accumulation over time further augment the demand to integrate and coordinate different sectoral policies and political-administrative structures.

In this talk, Philipp Trein and Martino Maggetti present some of their ongoing and published research on the co-evolution, integration and coordination of public policies. The first part of the talk will present the argument of the book, entitled Healthy or Sick? The Co-evolution of Health Care and Public Health in a Comparative Perspective. The book demonstrates that the historical co-evolution of public health and health care results in a dominance of individual health care over prevention in health policy. The book argues further that two factors can explain the (re-)integration and coordination health care and public health, notably a strong state, and, politically active public interest groups that are in favor of public health, such as health professions.

The second part of the talk will expand the empirical scope and presents the results from a research project that compares the integration and coordination of public policies regarding environment, health, migration, and unemployment policy. The authors use examples of policy integration and coordination to outline different types of policy change, which reflect the policy-oriented intentions and political motivations of decisionmakers.


Martino Maggetti, Associate Professor in Political Science at the Institute of Political Science (IEP) and at the Laboratory for the Analysis of Governance and Public Policy in Europe (LAGAPE), University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Philipp Trein, Senior Researcher in political pcience and Public Policy at the University of Geneva and a Senior Fellow at UC Berkeley


Charlotte Halpern, Sciences Po, CEE

Roberto Rodriguez, Sciences Po, CEE

Compulsory Registration

Contact: Charlotte.Halpern@sciencespo.fr

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