Grand Paris, Greater London and New York City

A Sciences Po – Société du Grand Paris partnership

2017 Programme

Société du Grand ParisSciences Po’s School of Urban Affairs and Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics (UMR8239) recently joined forces with Société du Grand Paris. Under this multiannual partnership, it was decided to begin a research and discussion seminar focusing on the governance and implementation of big development and transport projects in Grand Paris, Greater London and New York City.

The partners want to do two things. First, the aim is to extend knowledge of the projects implemented and generated by and around the Grand Paris Express new orbital rail network. The seminar provides an opportunity to tackle operational questions both retrospectively, and prospectively, at a time when the structure of the Grand Paris Metropolis is still in development.

In addition, we believe that the Grand Paris initiatives need to be compared with other similar metropolitan areas that are engaged in the competition between the world’s great cities. The cities of London and New York were therefore selected because of their similar physical size, their comparable demographics, their economic dynamism and their experience in transport. The comparative approach should permit a focus on certain successful innovative experiments in these two cities, while at the same time deriving lessons from the obstacles encountered in the implementation of their projects.

This seminar is of interest both to researchers in the Cities are back in town programme and to transport and planning professionals in the Paris region.

After the first three sessions in spring 2017, the seminar continued in the autumn of 2017 with four sessions on 20 September, 4 October, 15 November and 6 December.

A one-day symposium took place on 8 February 2018, leading into the four seminars in spring 2018.

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