Pablo Cussac

PhD Candidate

Pablo Cussac is a PhD candidate at the CEE and teaches political science at the Social Sciences Department of the École Normale Supérieure. He is writing his PhD dissertation on teacher performance evaluation instruments in Mexico and Chile under the supervision of Philippe Bezes (Sciences Po, CEE, CNRS) and Hélène Combes (Sciences Po, CERI, CNRS). Using a comparative approach inspired by the historical sociology of the State and the instruments of public action, his work attempts to understand how the administration has been reconfigured and the different ways in which the teaching profession has been state-controlled in these two countries, at a time of new public management and government by performance.

Research Topics

Sociology of the State; sociology of public action; policy instruments; experts and expertise; work and the professions; comparative historical sociology


Making the State and Governing the Profession. The Origins, Uses and Effects of Teacher Evaluation in Mexico and Chili (1973-2020) , under the supervision of Philippe Bezès and Hélène Combes
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