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CNRS Research Director

Nonna Mayer is a CNRS Research Director Emerita at the Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics of Sciences Po. She chaired the French Political Science Association (Association française de science politique) from 2005 to 2016. She edits the series "Contester" at the Presses de Sciences Po, focused on changes in modes of collective action. She co-organises the methodological research seminar « Les sciences sociales en question. Grandes controverses en sciences sociales » (with Samy CohenFlorence Faucher, Laurence Louër) since 2011. She is member of the National Consultative Commission for Human Rights (CNCDH) since 2015.

Her three main research topics are presently

  1. The electoral dynamic of the RN and of Populist Radical Rights in Europe (Nonna Mayer, “The radical right in France”, in Jens Rydgren (dir.), The 0xford Handbook of the Radical Right, Oxford University Press, 2018: 433-451 ; « Political science approaches to the far right”, in Stephen D. Ashe, Joel Busher, Graham Macklin, Aaron Winter (dir.), Researching the Far Right. Theory, Method and Practice, Paris, Routledge, (Routledge Studies in Fascism and the Far Right), 2020 : 17-31), with three main research axes : the Radical Right Gender Gap (“L’impact du genre sur le vote Marine Le Pen”, Revue française de science politique,  67(6), 2017 :1087-2017, with Abdelkarim Amengay and Anja Durovic), the demobilizing effect of social precariousness (Nonna Mayer, « The Political Impact of Social Insecurity in France », Partecipazione e conflitto, 11(3) 2018: 646-691 ; « La guerre des cuillères » :précarité sociale et politique en Corée », The Korean Journal of Area Studies, 39 (2), 2021 :83-117, with Insook Choi et Yangho Ree) and the political impact of automation and IA  now threatening white collar jobs  (Zhen J. Im, Nonna Mayer, Bruno PalierJan Rovny The losers of automation, a reservoir of votes for the radical right »Research and Politics, 2019, forthcoming)
  2. The transformations of racism and  antisemitism, using the data of the  Baromètre racisme de la CNCDH (2000—>). She is co PI of this annual survey on racism of  the CNCDH and coordinates the analysis of the results  (Nonna Mayer, with Yuma Ando, Guy MichelatVincent TiberjTommaso Vitale, « Mise en perspective de trente ans d’évolution par les chercheurs », in  Commission nationale consultative des droits de l’homme, La lutte contre le racisme, l’antisémitisme et la xénophobie. 2020, Paris, La Documentation française, 2021 : 33-112. Previous reports (section « Le regard des chercheurs ») are available on the CNCDH’s; and Nonna Mayer, Vincent Tiberj, « Racial prejudice in multicultural France », in Helen Drake, Alistair Cole, Sophie Meunier, Vincent Tiberj (dir.), Developments in French Politics 6, 2020, Londres, MacMillan, p. 143-162.)
  3. Intercultural relations, between minorities and majority population and between minorities , particularly between Jews and Muslims (see infra projects « Relations interculturelles : le cas de Sarcelles », « Encounters » and « ReligSpace »)

Main Ongoing Projects

  • « Inequality and democracy » (2014—>) : international collaborative network SSK (Social Science Korea) funded by the Korean  National Research Foundation (convention NRF-2017S1A3A2066657 ) bringing together academics from Europe and South Korea studying social inequalities  and their electoral and political impact
  • « Intercultural Relations : the case of Sarcelles » , with Vincent Tiberj. A phone survey was conducted in January 2019 on a sample representative of the population living in Sarcelles
  • « Encounters » (Muslim-Jewish Encounter, diversity and distance in urban Europe: religion, culture and social model), une ORA  (Open Research Area for the Social Sciences, 2020),  PIs:  Ben Gidley (Overall project lead & UK, London city lead), Matthias Koenig (Joint Germany lead, Frankfurt city lead), Anne-Sophie Lamine (France lead, Strasbourg city lead), et Steven Vertovec (Joint Germany lead, Berlin city lead).  She coordinates the Paris ethnographic fieldwork  with Elodie Druez and the quantitative work package with Vincent Tiberj.
  • Religspace (The Effect Of Manifestations Of Religion In The Public Space on Sociopolitical Integration Of Minority-Religion Immigrants, 2019), an ERC (European Research Council) project,  PI Pazit Ben Nun Bloom (HUJI). It is a comparative (France Israël Royaume Uni) and pluridisciplinary project (political psychology, sociology, geography, political science) in which Nonna Mayer is responsible for the French fieldwork with Elodie Druez


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  • Tel: +33145497733

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Research Topics

Sociology of political behavior ; Racism and antisemitism ; Inequality and democracy ; Radical rights

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