Matthias Brunn

2019-07 - 2020-06

Visiting Post-doctoral researcher

University of Montpellier, CEPEL, CNRS

Matthias Brunn is a post-doctoral researcher at the CEPEL, department of political sciences, University of Montpellier/CNRS. 
After his medical studies, he has obtained a PhD in political science from the University Paris-Saclay, analyzing health services and financing reforms in France and Germany, with a focus on the role of policy transfer, instruments and translation.

Research interests

Matthias Brunn's research interests include the comparative analysis of health systems and reforms as well as mental health policies.

Research project.s you intend to pursue at the CEE

His current focus is on the role of elites in shaping health sector governance over the past decade in France, Germany, the UK and the USA, with William Genieys on the project ProAcTA: programmatic action in times of austerity (ANR-DRG).

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