Lennard Alke

PhD Candidate

Lennard Alke is PhD candidate at the CEE under the supervision of Prof. Emiliano Grossman.
His research develops an argument about the ability of national parliaments to discuss and legitimise national public policy in a time of increased globalisation and European integration. To that end, he makes use of quantitative analysis of legislative speech and links the results to theoretic assumptions developed in critiques of parliamentarianism. Mr. Alke completed a two-year MPhil in European Politics at the University of Oxford, where he also was a DAAD scholar. He obtained his BA in Political Sciences from the University of Göttingen, Germany.

His research at Sciences Po is funded by a scholarship of the Foundation of German Business (SDW).

Research Topics

legislative speech ; European integration ; critiques of parliamentarism ; text-as-data

Thèse : "Deliberating Europe? Speaking about the EU in member states' Parliaments" (Délibérer l’Europe ? Parler de l’UE dans les parlements nationaux) sous la direction d'Emiliano Grossman
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