Josefina Sipinen

2017-10 - 2017-12

Visiting PhD Candidate

University of Tampere, Faculty of Management, Politics

Josefina Sipinen is a 28-year old PhD Candidate in Political Science from University of Tampere. In addition to having MSSc degree in Political Science, she has MA degree in History, for she has always been fond of stories of the past. During her studies and travels abroad, she has grown a special interest in cross-cultural phenomena, especially transnational migration. In her doctoral dissertation, Josefina Sipinen sets out to study how the resources embedded in immigrant-origin candidates’ personal social networks facilitate their political participation and election to municipal councils in Finland. In her free time she paints, visits art museums, and does sports.

Research interests

Immigrants' social networks; candidate selection; political engagement; political socialization; elections; survey research

Visiting projects and objectives

During the research visit, Josefina Sipinen will work on her PhD project concerning social networks and selection of immigrant-origin candidates in the Finnish municipal elections. She will especially concentrate on writing the theoretical section of her doctoral thesis and preparing future gathering of interview data. Josefina Sipinena will work under supervision of Professor Laura Morales