Francesca Ferlicca

January, 2020 - March, 2020

Visiting PhD Candidate

University of Venice, Department of Culture del Progetto

Francesca Ferlicca is a PhD candidate in Regional Planning and Public Policy at the University of Venice. Her research project is entitled “The relationship between formal institutions and the production of informal urban spaces. A comparative analysis of informal housing in Rome and Buenos Aires”.

She has already worked 5 years as an urban planner in the public sector at the Ministry of Environment and Public Space (Government of Buenos Aires City), as well as a consultant for the Laboratorio Urbano Digital (CIPPEC) and for the masterplan of the Municipality of Hurlingam (Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area). 

Research interests

Urban policies, housing policies and urban informality in the Global South, especially in Argentina. 

Research project pursued at the CEE

During her stay Francesca Ferlicca mainly plans to work with Prof. Marco Cremaschi on an article about Urban Regulation and Informality in Rome and Buenos Aires and the organization of two conferences : « Urban Informality in the Global North » and « Urban Planning in Contemporary Buenos Aires »

She also intends to colloborate with Alix Chaplain, PhD candidate at the CERI - Sciences Po, Paris - to write an article about the continuum between formal and informal, questioning the relevance of the distinction in the provision of infrastructure and housing in the Global South.

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