Florence Ecormier-Nocca

PhD candidate in political science

A PhD candidate in the Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics (CEE) since September 2016, Florence Ecormier-Nocca holds a Master's degree in Comparative Politics from Sciences Po.

Funded by the Université Sorbonne Paris Cité's "double culture" contract, her doctoral dissertation is both on political science and machine learning, under the supervision of Nicolas Sauger (CEE) and Mohamed Nadif (LIPADE, Université Paris Descartes). In her thesis, she measures the ideological diversity of Members of Parliament from the same political party through an analysis of their Twitter activity in France and Spain.

Research Topics

Party Politics, Social media, Party cohesion, Members of Parliament, Machine Learning, France, Spain, United Kingdom

Thèse : La diversité intra-partisane comme stratarchie. L'impact de l'organisation territoriale des partis politiques sur la cohésion des parlementaires, Intra-party diversity as stratarchy. Thesis: The impact of parties’ territorial organization on parliamentary party cohesion