Ewan Robertson

2019-09 - 2019-12

Visiting Doctoral Researcher

University of Edinburgh

Ewan Robertson is an ESRC-funded doctoral researcher in the field of social policy at the University of Edinburgh. His research examines the political dynamics and wider causal trends driving the adoption and reform of in-work benefits in European welfare states. The selected cases for the doctoral study are the United Kingdom, France and Spain.

Ewan Robertson’s academic trajectory includes completion of the following degree programmes: MSc Policy Studies, 2017, University of Edinburgh (Distinction); MLitt Latin American Studies, 2010, University of Aberdeen (Distinction); and MA History & International Relations, 2009, University of Aberdeen (1st Class Honours).

He also has a professional background as a news journalist and communications officer for a variety of think-tanks and research organisations in both the UK and abroad. 

Research interests

Ewan Robertson’s broader research interests concern the changing economic and social structures of European and OECD countries; how such processes impact labour markets and welfare systems; and the drivers of policy trends interacting with, facilitating and mitigating concomitant shifts in both economic opportunities and risks faced by working age people.

Linked to this, the political drivers and dynamics of post-industrial and austerity-era social security reform are of particular focus in his doctoral research.

Research project pursued at the CEE

While at the CEE, he will pursue research into the political dynamics of in-work benefit reforms in French policy-making, including via documentary collection and analysis, and interviews with key policy figures. He also look forward to discussing his  research and participating in the wider academic environment of the CEE.

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