David Coen


Visiting Professor of Public Policy

School of Public Policy and Department of Political Science, University College London

David Coen is Professor of Public Policy and Director of the Global Governance Institute at University College London. Previously he was Director of the School of Public Policy. Prior to joining UCL he held appointments at the London Business School and Max Planck Institute in Cologne and wrote his PhD at the European University Institute, Florence.

In 2019 he was a Schuman Fellow at the Institute of Advance Studies at the European University Institute, and previously, he has held the Fernand Braudel Fellowship, and the Fulbright Distinguished Fellowship at the Kennedy School Harvard University and was a fellow at the Centre for European Studies at Harvard University. He has held grants from Anglo-German Foundation, British Academy, European Union 6th Framework and H2020, Nuffield Foundation, and Fulbright Foundation.

In 2015, he conducted a major European Parliament report on Interest Representation in the EP. He has published the Handbook on Business and Government. (2010), eds. D Coen, W Grant, G, Wilson, OUP, Lobbying the EU (2008) OUP, with Jeremy Richardson and “Business Lobbying in the EU” (2020) OUP.

He has published widely in leading international public policy and politics journals such as, American Review of Public Administration, Journal of Public Administration, Journal of Public Policy, European Journal of Public Policy, Journal of Public Administration and Policy, Governance, Business and Politics, European Union Politics, European Political Science Review, and West European Politics.

Research interests

Professor Coen's research seeks to understand EU Public Policy and Comparative European Political Economy. More specifically the research maps EU business lobbying strategies, EU regulatory networks and multilevel venue shopping. He is currently working on a major H2020 project exploring Environmental Governance and Private Actors and a project on Business and Brexit.

Research project pursued at the CEE

While at Sciences Po Professor Coen will present the recently completed book on Business Lobbying in the EU and prepare a report on preliminary findings from a content analysis on Business attitudes to Brexit in the UK while also exploring the potential to broaden this study to look at French and German business attitudes to Brexit.

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