Caterina Froio

Assistant Professor

Caterina Froio (PhD EUI, 2015) is Assistant Professor in Political Science/E-politics at Sciences Po (CEE) where she studies politics. This involves a reflection on the relationship between citizens & elites in contemporary democracies. Caterina is particularly interested in researching the role of political parties, protests, digital media, right-wing extremism & populism in order to understand the changing dynamics of political conflict.

Caterina is also an affiliate researcher at the Centre for Research on Extremism (C-Rex), University of Oslo (since 2017) and editor of the Routledge series ‘Extremism & Democracy’ (since 2019).

Before joining Sciences Po, she held research and teaching positions at the University of Colorado at Boulder (Department of Political Science), the University of Oxford (Oxford Internet Institute) and the Catholic University of Lille (European School of Political and Social Sciences). 

Caterina is currently working on two projects:

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Research Topics

Political conflict ; Political parties ; Political participation and social movements ; Digital media ; Right-wing extremism, radicalism and populism

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