Carolina Requena

2018-02 - 2018-07

Visiting PhD Candidate

Universidade de São Paulo

Carolina  Requena  is  a  PhD  candidate  at  the  Department  of Political  Science  at  the  University  of  São  Paulo,  where  she  earned  her  Master  degree  in 2015 after undergrad studies in social sciences and social communication. For  her  Master’s  dissertation  she  researched  change  in public  policy,  analyzing the case of SP’s urban mobility sector with findings about a policy paradigm implemented during the Brazilian dictatorial rule (1970s and 80s), its survivor in 1990s and 2000s democracy, and its recent decay.

Since  2012, Carolina Requena has  been  a  researcher  for  the  Center  for  Metropolitan  Studies (CEM),  and  between 2014 and 2016 she  worked  as  a  special  advisor  and chief of staff at São Paulo City Hall’s municipal secretary of international and federative affairs, during the Fernando Haddad administration. 

Research interests

The agendas of government and the state, and their relations with space in urban and metropolitan policy.

Visiting projects and objectives

  • My PhD project : « The politics of metropolitan infrastructure in Brazil: instrumentation and governance in a compared perspective »
  • Join « Cities are back in town » under the supervision of Professor Patrick Le Galès

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