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La Newsletter trimestrielle MEZZEDITION propose une sélection de publications des membres du CEE. Bonne lecture !

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CEE Digests-Why research matters

by CEE's researchers
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The CEE is pleased to announce the CEE interviews Digests-Why research matters by presenting researchers' publications:

Emiliano Grossman (CEE) and The Comparative Agendas Project 

Emiliano Grossman, Associate Professor at Sciences Po and member of the CEE, presents his book "Comparative Policy Agendas". Theory, Tools, Data  (OUP Oxford, 2019)

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Podcasts-Séminaire Général du CEE

New: Coalition bargaining and legislative institutions with Radoslaw Zubek
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Le cycle du Séminaire Général du CEE invite des chercheuses et chercheurs extérieurs à Sciences Po, français et/ou étrangers, à présenter leurs recherches et articles en cours ou dernière publication. Le format de discussion consiste à associer systématiquement chercheuses et chercheurs seniors et juniors.

Retrouvez les podcasts de ce cycle sur cette page.


of the CEE General Seminar
New: Chloe Alexandre, Florent Gougou, Simon Persico, Sciences Po Grenoble, Pacte "What unites and divides the environmental movement? Ideological consensus and conflict amongst French climate activists"
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The Centre’s general seminar invites colleagues from France and/or overseas to present their research, books, articles in progress. The seminar format consists in partnering senior and junior researchers.

Here you will find recordings from our previous seminars.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter on all our seminars, all cycles combined, to receive invitations to our future events.

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Recruitment - Junior Researcher

18 months contract for ActEU PROJECT
Deadline: Friday 14th June 2023
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We are seeking to appoint a Junior Researcher to work with Prof Laura Morales (the PI), from October 2023, in the Horizon Europe project ActEU: Towards a new era of representative democracy - Activating European Citizens’ Trust in Times of Crises and Polarization”.

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Start of the KNOWLEGPO Project

Central banking in hard times: Knowledge, legitimacy, and politics
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The Project

Central banks have been drawn into debates over how to address the challenges of the 21st century, namely inequality and climate change. In the process, they have become increasingly contested, both among experts and in the broader public sphere. KNOWLEGPO aims at developing an extensive theory of central bank behaviour in this new context and testing it through a mixed-methods approach.

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Jessica Pidoux co-laureate of a European Union Prize for Citizen Science

  • Jessica Pidoux © Aurore Papegay / Sciences PoJessica Pidoux © Aurore Papegay / Sciences Po

The project ‘When gig workers regain control’ was awarded an Honorary mention at the first edition of the European Union Prize for Citizen Science, on May 22, 2023.

“Mafias as a form of State”

Interview with Federico Varese
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Federico Varese joined the Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics (CEE) as a Professor in Sociology in February 2023, following a career at Oxford University, where he has been the Director of the Department of Sociology. His research focuses on organised crime and mafias, especially in the former Soviet Union and Russia.

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Rationing drugs in England and France: How a ‘depoliticised’ regulator can become a source of politicisation

Blog post and paper by Takuya Onoda
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A key trend in European politics since the 1990s has been the delegation of important policymaking responsibilities to unelected decision-makers such as independent agencies and supranational actors. Takuya Onoda writes that while this has frequently been viewed as a process of depoliticisation, the use of unelected bodies can paradoxically increase the political contestation of policy decisions.

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Laura Morales, an ambassador for open data and open science

  • Laura Morales © Aurore Papegay / Sciences PoLaura Morales © Aurore Papegay / Sciences Po

Laura Morales has been selected as an Ambassador to help raise awareness and increase open science contributions from researchers in ethnic and migration studies in Europe throughout 2023. This RDA / EOSC Future Ambassador role comes with a small grant aimed at funding the awareness-raising activities.

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