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The Bruno Latour Research Fund

In honor of Bruno Latour and his legacy, Sciences Po launched the Bruno Latour Fund, dedicated to research in environment and politics.

A priority for Sciences Po, the creation of the Bruno Latour Fund is a sign of the rise of research at Sciences Po on environmental transformation topics, complementary of the steps already taken on climate issues (the interdisciplinary workshop on environmental research (AIRE), the work of the European Chair for Sustainable Development and Climate Transition, the transformation of Sciences Po masters programs, and the new mandatory 24 hours course for first year students).

Initial sponsors allowed Sciences Po to raise almost 2 millions euros and to recruit in 2023 and for three years 10 post-doc researchers willing to work on the way the environmental crisis is reshaping the economic, social, legal and political order, and to engage themselves in our academic life by teaching about their research field.

Pierre Charbonnier, co-director of the fund, philosopher and researcher for the CNRS at Sciences Po's Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics believes that Bruno Latour's expectations should be met through shaping a high-level multidisciplinary research programme and fostering knowledge. 

(credits: Sciences Po)