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Événement en présentiel

Measuring and Advocating for the Academic Freedom Index

Time: Thursday September 15th 5-7.30 p.m. 
Venue: Amphithéâtre Boutmy, Sciences Po

The seminar covers, as its main theme, the topic of the Academic Freedom Index. Here, the two main objectives are: 1) to present the current AFI measurement initiatives by explaining the methodology used, the different criteria of its definition, the advantages and disadvantages of this index and 2) to reflect on the concrete uses of the index, its advertisement in particular by universities themselves and the real impact that it could have on the fight for academic freedom.


Measuring AFI :
Janika Spannagel, Freie U
Sinead O'Gorman, SAR, European Research Area/EAU (tbc) 

Advocating for AFI :
Mathieu Denis, ISC
Laura Lohéac, Pause
Liviu Matei, CEU


Recommendations to Sciences Po: Stéphanie Balme, ScPo



Organisé par : CERI