Consultation / Loans

Electronic resources

Electronic resources are available for all users on Sciences Po campus.
Off campus access is reserved for Sciences Po community (faculty, researchers, students, staff).



Open access books and periodicals

Open access materials are kept in the reading rooms.
To borrow these items, go directly to the circulation desk or use the self-service issue machines (ground floor at 27 and 30 rue Saint-Guillaume, 4th floor at 27 rue Saint-Guillaume) .
Some of these rooms’ items are non circulating.


Books and periodicals on closed stacks

Closed stacks and Annex storage are not accessible to users.
Items are to be found and requested through the catalogue. The loan is recorded when the item is retrieved.
Borrowing and return are done at circulation desk (ground floor at 30, rue Saint-Guillaume).
Delivery time and storage time at the circulation desk vary as some of the library’s collections are kept in remote storage facilities.

Delivery time and storage time

Closed stacks

Delivery time Storage time at the circulation desk
Magasins 30 / Magasins 27 (rue Saint-Guillaume) 45 mn (during opening hours) - 5 hours (students)
- 5 days (PHD students, teachers and researchers, group cards)
Magasins 13U
(rue de l'Université)
- requests made before 11 am: the same day at noon
- requests made before 3:30 pm: the same day at 4:30 pm
<No deliveries on Saturday>
5 days
« Annexe » remote storage facility
 (located in Dreux)
see the list of documents kept in the annexe (FR)
- requests made before 4 pm: the next day from 4 pm
- requests made after 4 pm: the day after next from 4 pm
<No deliveries on Saturday>
5 days
CTLes remote storage facility
(Russian language publications, SDN, JM call numbers, etc.)
- requests made before 1:30 pm: the next day from 1:30 pm
- requests made after 1:30 pm: the day after next from 1:30 pm
<No deliveries on Saturday>
5 days


Some closed stacks items may only be consulted onsite (FR) (legal deposit, reserve...). After your online request, you may retrieve these items and read them at the "Onsite consultation desk" (lower ground floor at 30, rue Saint-Guillaume).
Your receive an email with details about the place and deadline for retrieving the item.


Press clippings files

Find information about paper and digitised files on the Press clippings files webpage.
<Only onsite consultation>



To consult microfiche files or microforms, make an appointment (lower ground floor at 30, rue Saint-Guillaume).
<Only onsite consultation>


Audiovisual collection

The audiovisual collection (CDs and DVDs) is reserved for members of the Sciences Po Paris community.
On direct access (lower ground floor room at 30, rue Saint-Guillaume), these items must be borrowed at the circulation desk (ground floor at 30 rue Saint-Guillaume) before all consultations, both at home and at the library (with headphones). The boxes are unlocked at borrowing.
<Never use self service issue machines for DVDs and CDs>

  • Reading room - 30 RSGReading room - 30 RSG
  • Open access booksOpen access books
  • Library - 27 RSGLibrary - 27 RSG
  • Closed stacksClosed stacks