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Marion Bruley, a graduate of Sciences Po, passed away suddenly on November 9, 2011. Marion graduated in 2010 with a master’s degree in public affairs. In 2009, she moved to Washington DC to intern at the French embassy, where she worked as a project assistant on the Partner University Fund, a program of FACE. It was also in DC that she met with David Gauvey Herbert, an American journalist. In July 2010, Marion began a two-year contract as economic attaché at the French embassy in Bangkok. She was in charge of business environment intelligence and focused on market access for French companies.

David and Marion’s families have decided to create the Marion Bruley Grant in January 2012 to help advance Marion’s passion for international relations, public service and adventure.


The Marion Bruley Grant is awarded by the Sciences Po American Foundation to a student currently enrolled at Sciences Po and interning in person in the United States with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at either the French embassy or consulates, or another international institution such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, or the World Bank.


The Marion Bruley Grant carries a monetary value of $1,000/month of internship up to 6 months.

The grant will not cover all expenses, but will help to partially cover the cost of living and to facilitate weekend traveling around the United States, as Marion herself loved to do.


The candidate will be chosen from students who have submitted a student mobility application through Sciences Po's bursaries and financial aid office.

The bursaries and financial aid office will provide the US Sciences Po Foundation with a list of eligible students.

The Foundation and a member of Marion's family will select the recipient based on academic merit and financial need criteria.


Interested students must complete an international mobility grant application for outside of Europe and include a CV in English and the Marion Bruley application form . Students will also need to include a signed internship agreement.


  • June 1 for an internship during the first academic semester (July-December)
  • December 1 for an internship during the second academic semester (January-June)


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