AI and Big Data

The amount, variety and speed of digital data keeps growing with the novel collection, storage and processing means. Today, “Big Data” is shaping or affecting our decisions, be it institutional or personal. Given the escalating computing power and complexity of the algorithms used for crunching data, “artificial intelligence” is already an inseparable part of modern-day economic and social life. On the one part, IT specialists and computer scientists are utilizing complex techniques such as machine learning and deep learning to develop “AI” systems which are being deployed in increasingly diverse fields. On the other, lawmakers and policy makers are trying to correspond to these innovative technologies. How could they succeed in this cat and mouse game?  

In this dossier, the Chair investigates the regulatory efforts and policies surrounding Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. In particular, the proactive approach of the European Union for being a “standard setter” in the context of digital technologies will be held under the microscope.  

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20 August 2021

Regulating Artificial Intelligence: Could the EU’s “AI Act” lead the way forward?

by Can Şimşek The proposed Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act) of the European Commission will be the very first Regulation […]