1 December 2023

[INVITATION] ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2023: The EU-US Data Privacy Framework

Annual Conference 2023 The EU-US Data Privacy Framework: what future for transatlantic data transfers? December 13th 2 pm- 7.00 pm  […]
1 December 2023

[INTERVIEW] The provisions governing Foundation Models in the upcoming AI Act: questions to Rishi Bommasani

By Giulia Geneletti In this second interview on the EU AI Act trilogues and the specific provisions covering Foundation Models […]
29 November 2023

[RESEARCH PAPER] Taking Chaos Seriously: from Analog to Digital Constitutionalism, by Guillaume TUSSEAU

In 1999, the Constitution of the “Republic of Chaos” recognised as a citizen “any biological or digital entity capable of […]
28 November 2023

[INTERVIEW] On the ongoing EU AI Act trilogues and specific provisions covering the regulation of Foundation Models (FMs): questions to Professor Hacker

By Giulia Geneletti This interview explores the evolution of the discussion on regulating GenerativeAI models like GPT-4, the three-layered FMs […]
20 November 2023

[POLICY BRIEF] Autonomous Systems of Normative Control in Military Applications of AI, by Johannes THUMFART

This policy brief addresses military applications of AI in the sense of partially autonomous lethal weapon systems (PALWS) and logistical […]
3 November 2023

[CALL FOR PAPER] How can Europe be competitive in the field of AI?

HOW CAN EUROPE BE COMPETITIVE IN THE FIELD OF AI? Deadline December 15th 2023 Sciences Po Digital, Governance and Sovereignty […]