[INTERVIEW] “The EU-US Data Privacy Framework, with Bruno Gencarelli
21 February 2024
[CONFERENCE] Regulating Under Uncertainty: the Case of Generative AI
7 March 2024

[INTERVIEW] Privacy and Electronic Surveillance in the US Law, with Marc Rotenberg

On December 13th 2023, Sciences Po’s Chair Digital, Governance and Sovereignty held its annual Conference on: “The EU-US Data Privacy Framework: what future for transatlantic data transfers?” directly from the French Parliament in Paris.

This series of interviews was conducted by Can Şimşek, as part of the 2023 annual conference.

Professor Marc Rotenberg, President and founder of the Center for AI and Digital Policy, offers his perspective on the existing US laws pertaining to the protection of privacy in the realm of electronic surveillance. Specifically, he delves into the prospects of legal alignment between the United States and the European Union in this critical domain.

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Marc Rotenberg is Executive Director and Founder of the Center for AI and Digital Policy. He is a leading expert in data protection, open government, and AI policy. He has served on many international advisory panels, including the OECD AI Group of Experts. Marc helped draft the Universal Guidelines for AI, a widely endorsed human rights framework for the regulation of Artificial Intelligence. Marc is the author of several textbooks including the 2020 AI Policy Sourcebook and Privacy and Society (West Academic 2016).