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[CALL FOR PAPERS] How can Europe be competitive in the field of AI?


Deadline January 15th 2024

Sciences Po Digital, Governance and Sovereignty Chair is opening up a call for papers aimed at researchers and focusing on the issue of competitiveness of the European Union in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Who are we?

The Digital, Governance and Sovereignty Chair is an interdisciplinary program within Sciences Po’s School of Public Affairs, which brings together researchers to analyse the economic, legal, social and institutional transformations brought by digital innovation. Our objective is to gather insights and perspectives on technology and digital policy from academic research, politics and civil society. 

Topic of submission

In the midst of extensive debates surrounding the necessity and boundaries of regulating Artificial Intelligence, particularly Generative AI, the European Union has played a pivotal role in shaping the discourse on governance. This influence is exemplified by the emergence of two significant legislations, namely the Artificial Intelligence Act and the AI Liability Directive, both of which are still in the process of finalization. Simultaneously, the EU has been actively pursuing a comprehensive approach to AI development, as reflected in initiatives such as the EU AI Strategy, substantial investments in research and development, and a multitude of digitalization programs aimed at supporting large corporations, SMEs, and startups through enhancements in computing power, connectivity, skills, and more. 

Within this context, could it be asserted that Europe currently possesses the competitive edge in the AI field? If not, what steps must be taken to bolster its position? This call for papers welcomes research that delves into the economic potential of the EU to enhance its standing as a formidable international AI player. The study should incorporate quantitative data, encompassing EU public and private investments, patent registrations, the global market influence of EU AI sectors, the growth of traffic among EU AI companies, and related factors. Furthermore, it is expected that the paper will blend an economic policy perspective, which may include considerations of European strategic autonomy and national programs and initiatives, with an evaluation of the EU’s economic strengths and weaknesses in the realm of AI. 

For additional insights into economic analysis regarding how Europe can optimise its strategic position in AI development, reference can be made to similar studies, such as the Center for European Reform, “How Europe can make the most of AI”, from September 2023; Konrad Adenauer Stiftung: “Analysis of current global AI developments with a focus on Europe”, from January 2021. 

Applicants eligibility

The call is aimed at all researchers conducting or holding a PhD. Applications from researchers outside the Sciences Po community will be considered.


The selected author will receive a funding of 6,000 Euros, paid upon completion and submission of the study.

Format of application and timeline

Abstracts should be written in English. They should contain the draft title of the research and be no longer than 400 words.

The final research paper is envisaged to be about 70 pages to 100 pages with text double-spaced

The deadline for abstract submissions is January 15 2024. The selected author will be notified by mid-February

The final paper will need to be submitted by July 2024. The reviewed version of the papers will be published on the website of the Chair. The Research Paper may also be submitted to major international journals.

Researchers interested in applying to the Call for Papers should submit their abstract to eleonore.devulpillieres@sciencespo.fr by January 15, 2024, 11:59pm.

The application should specify and/or contain: 

  • Title of the research
  • Academic affiliation and title 
  • Research areas and specialisation
  • Email and phone contact
  • The abstract attached in pdf format
  • Link to previous publications [Optional]


Submissions will be assessed on the basis of their quality and relevance by Sciences Po Chair’s Scientific Committee

For any questions, please contact eleonore.devulpillieres@sciencespo.fr