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Professeur des universités en sociologie
  • Ettore Recchi (OSC)Ettore Recchi (OSC)

contact : ettore.recchi(at) - Tel : 01 45 49 54 11

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Ettore Recchi is Full Professor of Sociology at Sciences Po since January 2014.
He previously taught at the University of Chieti-Pescara, the University of Florence, the European University Institute and the University of Michigan.
He holds a PhD (with distinction) in Social and Political Sciences from the European University Institute (EUI), Fiesole, 1996.
He is also part-time professor in the Migration Policy Centre, European University Institute, Firenze.

Research topics -  Thèmes de recherche

His main research foci are mobility (in its different forms), social stratification, elites, and European integration. Currently he is coordinating a study on the influence of 'personal geographies' on attitudes and life chances (the Space-Set project).

Recent publications (selection) - Publications scientifiques

  • 2019 (with E. Deutschmann, L.Gabrielli, N. Kholmatova), Assessing visa costs on a global scale, Working Paper, EUI RSCAS, 2020/18, Migration Policy Centre, UEI. [Online]
  • 2019 (with Aurore Flipo), "Spatial Mobility in Social Theory", SocietàMutamentoPolitica [Online Open Access], vol. 10, n° 20, p. 125-137.
  • 2019 (with Emanuel Deutschmann and Michele Vespe), "The global network of transnational mobility", N-IUSSP, 7 October.
  • 2019 (with Lorenzo Gabrielli, Emanuel Deutschmann, Fabrizio Natale and Michele Vespe), "Dissecting global air traffic data to discern different types and trends of transnational human mobility", EPJ Data Science 8, article n° 26, 30 August. [ Award 2020 ASA Best Publication Award by an International Scholar 2020 - ASA Global & Transnational Sociology]
  • 2019 (with Emanuel Deutschmann & Federica Bicchi), "Mobility hub or hollow? Cross-border travelling in the Mediterranean", 1995-2016, Global Networks, July [Open Access].
  • 2019, "Europäische Gessellschaften: Konvergenzen und Divergenzen",  In: Christian Scholz, Peter Dörrenbächer & Anne Rennig, Europa jenseits des Konvergenzparadigmas: Divergenz - Dynamik - Diskurs, Baden-Baden, Nomos, col. Denkart Europa | Mindset Europa, p. 229-256.  
  • 2019 (with Emanuel Deutschmann & Michele Vespe), Estimating Transnational Human Mobility on a Global Scale, EUI Working Papers RSCAS 2019/30, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, Migration Policy Centre, 32 p. -  Related resources: MPC Blog, Debate Migration, "Global Human Mobility Rapidly Increasing, New Open-Access Dataset Shows" - Dynamic Data Hub [mapping].
  • 2018 (editor, with Adrian Favell), Everyday Europe: Social transnationalism in an unsettled continent, Bristol: Policy Press, 1st february 2019, 328 p.
  • 2018 (with Giulia Assirelli and Carlo Barone), “'You Better Move On'. Determinants and Labor Market Outcomes of Graduate Migration from Italy”, International Migration Review, First Published 5 April. SAGE Journals link
  • 2017, "The Engine of 'Europeanness'? Free Movement, Social Transnationalism and European Identification", Ettore Recchi, In: Daniel Thym (ed.), Questioning EU Citizenship. Judges and the Limits of Free Movement and Solidarity in the EU, Hart Publishing, 2017. "
  • 2017 (avec Hadrien Dubucs, Thomas Pfirsh et Camille Schmoll), « Les migrations italiennes dans la France contemporaine : les nouveaux visages d'une mobilité européenne historique », Hommes & Migrations, n° 1317-18, avril 2017, p. 59-68.  
  • 2017 (with Lorenzo Grifone Baglioni, Justyna Salamonska, Thea Rossi), "Cittadini in movimento. Una tipologia induttiva della mobilità transnazionale in Europa", Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia, 1/2017, p. 63-98. Revisteweb link
  • 2017 (with Irina Ciornel), "At the Source of European Solidarity: Assessing the Effects of Cross-border Practices and Political Attitudes", Journal of Common Market Studies, early view, 26 january. Wiley Online library
  • 2016 (with Handrien Dubucs, Thomas Pfirsch & Camille Schmoll), "Je suis un Italien de Paris: Italian migrants' incorporation in a European capital city", Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, published online: 10 November. Taylor & Francis Online 
  • 2016, "The Citizenship Gap in European Societies: Conceptualizing, Measuring and Comparing ‘Migration Neutrality’ across the EU”, International Migration, vol. 54, n° 6, p. 181-200. Doi: 10.1111/imig.12292. Wiley Journals 
  • 2016 (with Carlo Barone et Giulia Assirelli), "Graduate Migration Out of Italy: Predictors and Pay-Offs", Notes et Documents de l'OSC, n° 2016-03, August 2016.
  • 2015, « Les inégalités sociales en Europe », In: Bertrand Badie, Dominique Vidal, Un monde d'inégalités. L'état du monde 2016, Paris, La Découverte, p. 173-179. 
  • 2015 (avec Justyna Salamońska), "Bad Times, Good Times to Move? The Changing Landscape of Intra-EU Migration", In: Hans-Jörg Treens, Carlo Ruzza, Virginie Guiraudon, Europe's Prolonged Crisis. The Making or the Unmaking of a Political Union, Palgrave Macmillan, p. 124-147.
  • 2015, Mobile Europe. The Theory and Practices of Free Movement in the EU, Palgrave Macmillan.
  • 2014 (avec Justyna Salamońska), "Keeping the European Faith. Collective Identity before and after the Euro-Crisis", Partecipazione e conflitto, vol.7, n° 3, p. 509-531.
  • 2014, "Pathways to European Identity Formation: A Tale of Two Models", Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research, n° 27, 2, p. 119-133. 
  • 2013, with Lorenzo G. Baglioni, “La classe media va in Europa? Transnazionalismo e stratificazione sociale nell’Unione Europea”, SocietàMutamentoPolitica, n° 7, p. 47-70.
  • 2011, with Adrian Favell, "Social Mobility and Spatial Mobility", In: A. Favell and V. Guiraudon (eds), Sociology of the European Union, Basingstoke, Palgrave.

Academic Presentations (selection) - Communications

  • 2019 (with I. Ciornei & A. Varela), Being a migrant makes you (downwardly) mobile? Assessing the effects of immigration on intergenerational social mobility in the EU with two different stratification measurements, ECSR thematic workshop “‘Migration, Social Stratification and Inequality’, Università di Milano, 14-15 March.
  • 2019 (with E. Deutschmann & M. Vespe), "Cross-border Mobility in Africa: Insights from the Global Transnational Mobility Dataset", Migration Policy Centre Annual Conference, “Migration between Africa and Europe”, EUI, Fiesole, 24 May.
  • 2019, "Estimating Transnational Human Mobility on a Global Scale", American Sociological Association conference, New York, 13 August.
  • 2018, "The Land of All Opportunity? Migration and Social Mobility in the EU", 19th ISA World Congress, RC 28,Toronto, 15 July.
  • 2018, "Spatial Inequalities: The Space-Set Approach. Measuring and Explaining Individual Differences of Geographical Mobility in France and Italy", 19th ISA World Congress, RC 26, Toronto, 16 July.
  • 2018 (with Irina Ciornei), "Brake or Booster? The Intergenerational Social Mobility of Immigrants in Europe", Workshop “Movilidad social y disegualdad en tiempos de cambio”, INCASI network, Palau Macaya, Barcelona, 19 October.
  • 2017, "Citizenship through Mobility Practices: Assessing the European Free Movement Experiment", La citoyenneté en débat(s), USPC, 22 November.
  • 2017, "Introducing Space-Sets: What Are They, How to Operationalize Them and What Do They Bring to Sociological knowledge?", 13th Conference of the European Sociological Association (ESA), Athens, 13 August.  
  • 2016, "Britain in the EU: Is Britain really a European society?" (debate), Business School Maurice Keyworth, University of Leeds, 13 June.
  • 2016 (with Giulia Assirelli) "Graduates on the Move: Determinants and Returns of High-skilled Migration among Italian Youth", RC28 Intergenerational Transfer, Human Capital, and Inequality Conference, Singapore, Parallel Session "4.2 Youth Labour Market and Labour Market Entry", 26 May. [Abstract]
  • 2015, "Europe between Mobility and Sedentarism: Patterns of Micro-Transnationalism and their Consequences for European Integration" (with J. Salamonska), European Sociological Association (ESA) 12th conference, Research Stream 3, Prague, 28 August.
  • 2015, "Making Sense of Spatial Mobility: What Are Space-Sets, How Can We Operationalize Them and Why Are They Worth Being Researched?", GRITIM Lecture, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, 6 May.
  • 2014, "Free Movement in the Euro-Crisis", roundtable Multilevel citizenship in Europe and Canada, York University, Toronto, 24 September.
  • 2014, "Upper Classes, Wider Horizons? The Social Stratification of International Travelling among Europeans" (with J. Salamonska), paper presented at the RC28-RC13 joint session, ISA World Conference, Yokohama, 17 July.
  • 2014, "My My Hey Hey: Is Free Movement Here to Stay?", communication at the State of the Union conference, European University Institute, Florence, 8 May.

Research Projects - Projets de recherche

The Space-Set Project: The Power of Personal Geographies. Fine-tuning 'Space-Sets' and Testing their Measurement (2014-2016, funded by Sciences Po Research).

Direction de thèses - PhD Students

 Siresa López Berengueres

Teaching - Enseignements

- Questions de recherche sociologique (Sciences Po Paris, Master de Sociologie)
- Comparing European Societies (Sciences Po Paris, Master, common core curriculum).
- Sociology of free movement (Sciences Po Paris, School of Public Affairs, Master in European Affairs).
- Social inequalities in Europe (Sciences Po Reims, Undergraduate College)

Responsabilités scientifiques - Scientific Responsabilities

- Head of doctoral studies in Sociology, Sciences Po.
- Member of the Scientific Council, INED (The French Institute for Demographic Studies), as "Specialists from outside INED chosen for their expertise in the field of population or another demography-related discipline".

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