Permanent Faculty

History of Justice, Prison History, History and psychiatry, Justice and media, Digital humanities
History of Africa, History of Gabon and Congo-Brazaville, Colonialism, Prisons, Witchcraft, Fetish, Body and biopolitics
Art history, Visual history, History of representations of war, History of things, Political history of art and the art world
Political, cultural, and social history of modern and contemporary arts (20th-21st centuries), Visual history, History and visual representations of the body and disease, Artists and the Mediterranean world (from the 1950's to today)
French politics, Political history, Intellectuals, Cultural history, Communism and post-communism
Political, social and economic history, History of the state, the administration and economic and social policies, History of the Third Republic, History of the work world, History of agricultural policies. , History of work world
Consumer society, Business world and employers
Propaganda, Persuasion, Communication, Public relations, Advertising, Digital
History trade statistics, Historical statistics of the geopolitical entities of the world, History of trade globalization, German trade history
History of the United States, Diplomatic history, Transnational history
Political history of the State and Social Inequalities (19th-20th Centuries), History of Political Economy (Credit, Debt, and Taxation), Transnational and Global History
Political History, History of International Relations, History of Russia and Eastern Europe in the 20th Century
Political, social and cultural history (20th-21st century Europe), History of socialism and the Labour movement, History of worker's worlds, History of coal mines and coal miners, History of the crisis of industrial societies, History of social times and leisure (sports)
History of the European Left in the XXth and XXIst Centuries, History of the State, History of Capitalism
Social history of 19th and 20th century China, Development of political cultures, history of ecological crises, media, and humanitarian cultures and discourses locally and transnationally
Security and defense, International relations, World War II, Colonialism, Cold War, Conflicts, Pacification
History of social movements, Transnational history of Europe
European integration, Globalization's territory, Nation-state, Higher education's europeanization, European territoriality
Human health / environmental change / global social and political challenges
Literature and history, Ethics and literature, Political humanities, Medical humanities
Historical sociology of economic institutions
cultural policy, cultural transfers & exchanges, intellectual history, exile, emigration & diasporas, history of anthropology, literature and history, theatre
Resistance, Free France, WWII - WWI
World War II, Nazi Germany, Gender and Sexuality, History of violence
Political history, History of the United States, Transnational history, Social history
Early Modern and Modern North Africa, Slavery and its social impacts on Ottoman Tunisia, Transition from the Ottoman rule to a French colonial domination in North African societies, Abolition of slavery in North Africa in the nineteenth century
Urban environmental history, Disaster history, Water and river history, Energy history, Coastal history, History of Anthropocene, History of environmental knowledge
Historical anthropology of the warlike phenomenon and of the resistance phenomenon, 19th and 20th centuries – Coming out of war, 19th and 20th centuries – History of intimacy – Emotions, sensitivities and combat – Resistance, Free France, World War II.
Demography and population, Public health and social protection, Knowledge, know-how, organizations, Migrations, Biopolitics and eugenics
Quantification and Statistical knowledge, State, Bureaucracy and Civil service, Historiography and Digital history
Histoire culturelle, Histoire des sciences sociales, Transferts et circulations scientifiques, Archives , histoire intellectuelle - histoire des idées, histoire des intellectuels, Elie Halévy , Ecole libre des sciences politiques / Sciences Po, London School of Economics and Political Science, Histoire de l'enseignement supérieur France-Grande-Bretagne-Etats-Unis
History of political Economy, History of Empires, Legal History, History of France and the Mediterranean, 1750-1914
Cultural, economic and social history of Europe, History of european colonialism, History of knowledge, History of nation and nationalism, Military history
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