Our collections

The collections held at the Contemporary History Archives bring together a wide variety of materials (manuscripts, pamphlets, oral testimonies, and photographs) covering a period from the late-19th century to the present day. They are an invaluable resource with which to deepen our understanding of contemporary history, including French political and institutional life (parliamentarism and government), political creeds (radicalism, Christian democracy, Gaullism, socialism, communism, leagues and clubs), the two world wars, the Resistance, decolonisation (Indochina and the Maghreb), human rights, international organisations (UN and NATO), EU construction, the French press, and immigration.

The collections are mostly composed of paper archives and are often accompanied by photographic collections. Two collections are accessible in digital format:

  • The Jacques Delors collection (for consultation on the premises)

Collection descriptions include:

  • A biography of the collection’s producer
  • The dates of the first and last documents
  • Conditions of access: open or reserved collection; where it may be consulted
  • Research tools: an online inventory providing detailed information on the collection’s content
  • A selected bibliography and complementary sources
  • The physical size of the collection in linear metres and number of boxes
  • The research themes to which the collection relates.

To prepare your visit

  • Find the references you are interested in using the online inventories
  • Send a consultation request
  • Reserve up to five boxes per session.

Our collections

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