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Dean's office

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Email: marie.mawad@sciencespo.fr

Marie Mawad has been the Dean of the Sciences Po Journalism School since 1 January 2021. She is also the French correspondent for media website Sifted. Specialising in technology, economics, business and finance, she was previously a journalist at Bloomberg, in the Paris bureau, and Reuters. She produces content in French and English and has moderated numerous panels and conferences for economic decision-makers. She has taught at the Sciences Po Journalism School since 2017.

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Email: alice.antheaume@sciencespo.fr

Executive Director of the Sciences Po Journalism School, Alice Antheaume holds a Master’s degree in Modern Literature and has completed several certificated programmes in the United States: the International Academy of Achievement, Visitor Leadership Program and a bootcamp in online storytelling at the School of Journalism of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is a digital media specialist and has previously worked as a documentalist at TF1, a journalist at Lemonde.fr and Télérama, before becoming head of department and then deputy editor-in chief at 20minutes.fr. She has been a commentator for Slate.fr, France 5 (on the news magazine Médias, le Mag) and France Inter (on Le nouveau rendez-vous). Since 2013, she has been the French correspondent for the Digital News Report published annually by the Oxford Institute for the Study of Journalism. Her book Le journalisme numérique (“Digital Journalism”, Sciences Po Press) was published in 2013, with a second edition in 2016.

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Associate and affiliate researchers

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After a secondary education at the French School of Singapore and Lycée International in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Soizic Boisard earned a Bachelor’s degree in History from the Sorbonne Paris IV and a Master’s in Journalism from Celsa. She began her career as a journalist at Figaro Economie and then in the economics department of L'Express, before joining the local television stations Yvelines Première and TV78, as a reporter and presenter. In early 2011, a long-term adventure began at the channel iTélé (now CNews): she would spend an intensive seven years as the channel’s anchorwoman. When iTélé came to an end, she switched to radio, becoming editor-in-chief of Philippe Vandel's programme Village Médias on Europe 1, then returning to television as deputy editor-in-chief of BFM TV. She is an affiliate professor at the Sciences Po Journalism School and the current editor-in-chief of LCI.

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A graduate of Columbia Journalism School in New York, Annie Hylton is an investigative journalist specialising in international affairs. She writes about gender, immigration, human rights and conflict, and has covered news from various geographical areas, including the Middle East, Central America and Africa.

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A graduate of the Sciences Po Journalism School, Mathieu Dehlinger is deputy editor-in-chief at BFM TV. He previously held the positions of digital journalist, head of news and editor-in-chief at France Info.

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Born in Germany in 1965, Antoine Guélaud holds a Bachelor of Law and is a graduate of Institut d'Études Politiques in Aix-en-Provence and the École Supérieure de Journalisme in Lille. He joined TF1 as a reporter in the general news department in 1991, before becoming a senior reporter in the foreign news department and then director of the society department, a position he held for the next 10 years. In 2010, he became the channel’s editorial director. He is now director of special operations at TF1.

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Bruno Patino is the President of Arte France. He holds a PhD in Political Science and a Master’s in International Relations, and is a graduate of Sciences Po, ESSEC Business School and Johns Hopkins University. He has previously worked as director general of France Télévisions (in charge of programmes, commissioning and digital operations), director of France Culture and president of Télérama and Le Monde Interactif. He has also worked for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and as a correspondent for Le Monde in Chile. He has published several books, including La civilisation du poisson rouge (Grasset, 2019), Télévisions (Grasset, 2016), and co-wrote La condition numérique (Grasset, 2014) and Une presse sans Gutenberg (Grasset, 2005) with Jean-François Fogel. He was the Dean of the Sciences Po Journalism School for 14 years.

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Academic Staff

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Email: aurore.legrixdelasalle@sciencespo.fr

Phone: +33 (0)1 45 49 83 07

Academic Adviser of the Sciences Po Journalism School, Aurore Le Grix De La Salle holds a Master’s in Information and Communication, with a specialisation in infographics, from the Université de Paris 13. She is the representative in charge of implementing Sciences Po’s gender equality policy within the Journalism School. She has previously worked for several radio stations (Radio Classique, RMC), as a producer of the morning shows.

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Email: marie.naudascher@sciencespo.fr

Phone: +33 (0)1 45 49 83 08

After graduating from Sciences Po Journalism School and Jamia Millia University in New Delhi in 2009, Marie Naudascher moved to Brazil to become a freelance journalist. She has lived in Rio de Janeiro and then in Sao Paulo, where she has been working for French radio stations (RTL, Europe 1, Radio France), print press (La Croix, L'Hebdo du quotidien de l'art). In her time in Brazil, she has covered 3 presidential elections, the 2013 World Youth Day, the 2014 World Cup, the 2016 Olympic Games in. Rio. As a TV producer (stringer), she has worked on various formats from news stories to long form such as "7 à 8" (TF1), "Un oeil sur la planète" (France 2), "Echappées belles" (France 5)... In 2014, she wrote her first book named "Les Brésiliens (published by Ateliers Henry Dougier), capturing her study of Brazilian politicxal, social and economical issues. In 2016, she co-wrote her second book, "Génération Favela", with a colleague. It featured a series of portraits of the young rising generation of Brazilians from the favelas of Rio and Sao Paulo. In 2021, she won a grant from the SCAM to investigate the business of C-sections in Brazil. She also produced a podcast about women's health in portuguese.

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Email: jeanne.mongay@sciencespo.fr

Phone: +33 (0)1 45 49 83 56

Jeanne Mongay is an academic assistant at the Journalism School. She is a graduate of Sciences Po and holds a Master of Advanced Studies in Literary, Artistic and Industrial Property from Paris 2 – Panthéon Assas University. She is also an active member of Sciences Po Climate iniative. Previously, she was a production manager, producer, and then public relations and protocol manager at the Cinémathèque Française, before working on the organisation of juries for various film festivals: the Cannes Film Festival, Lumière Film Festival, Deauville American Film Festival, Marrakech Film Festival, and Séries Mania Festival.

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Audiovisual Staff

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Email: dimitri.borit@sciencespo.fr

Dimitri Roher-Borit is a movie director and audiovisual technician. Graduated from ESRA in editing video and special effects, he worked for 10 years on musical clips and video features. He is a specialist of digital technologies and also a musician. He joined Sciences Po in May 2022 to produce video contents and musics then Sciences Po Journalism School.

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Email: marine.sehan@sciencespo.fr

Marine Sehan is a video journalist and reporter. She holds a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Cultural History from Paris-Sorbonne University, a Master's in Journalism from EICAR and a Master's in Journalism from ESJ de Paris. She began her career in 2015 working on several news magazines, including Entrée libre on France 5 and E=M6 on M6. She then joined an audiovisual production company, where she produced reports for television, radio and digital, before joining the Sciences Po Journalism School in June 2021.

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Academic Advisors

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As the former editor-in-chief of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) in Paris, Pauline Adès-Mével was in charge of all of the organisation's publications on press freedom violations around the world. She previously worked as a reporter for Thomson Reuters' television branch in Paris. From 2010 to 2016, she covered politics, sports, entertainment, business and breaking news across France. From 2006 to 2010, she created and presented the programme JT des JT on Canal + (a press review of news broadcasts from around the world).

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Aude Baron is editor-in-chief at Eurosport.fr since 2015. Before that, she was the editor-in-chief at l'Obs after three year at Lepost.fr, a digital only initiative. She works on social media contents and communities online.

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Anaïs Bordages is a journalist specialized in pop culture, feminism and representation issues. Graduated from Sciences Po Journalism School, she works for Slate, Sofilm, Konbini. She was also part of the launch of Buzzfeed France. 

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Edwige Coupez is a freelance journalist and presenter. She has worked for France Info, on the Radio France side, and presented the feature Prenez soin de vous on the morning show.

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A graduate of the École Supérieure de Journalisme in Lille, with prior studies in Economics, Béatrice Denaes has previously worked as an ombudsman at Radio France (2015-2018). She joined France Info shortly after its creation, where she was editor-in-chief of the morning show. In 1980, she contributed to the creation of Radio France's first regional radio station, Fréquence Nord (now France Bleu Nord), in Lille. In 2017, she founded the Commission Médiation des Médias Francophones Publiques (MFP). In addition, Béatrice Denaes regularly teaches at Sciences Po, the IJBA, the EJT and the ESJ-International. She has set up training courses and conducted audits for Radio Romania, Radio Suisse Romande, Radio Algeria, and the radio station of the MINUSMA in Mali.

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A graduate of CUEJ in Strasbourg, Antoine Genton is deputy managing director at TV5 Monde. He was a journalist for the TV shows C L'hebdo and C à vous on France 5. He presented and hosted the programme Le Grain à moudre on France Culture, replacing former host Hervé Gardette. He also collaborated on the live programmes produced for social networks by production company YouBLive.

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Julien Hababou graduated from the IFP School with a specialist degree in Journalism in 2003. Since then, he has spent stints working in various aspects of television journalism: as a cameraman, reporter, duplexer and editor. He first worked as a general reporter for L'Equipe TV (2004-2010, frequently working with the French national football team) and then for M6 on the 12:45 and 19:45 newscasts, before becoming deputy editor-in-chief of sports for the M6 Group.

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Benoît Petit was a graduate of the first cohort at the Sciences Po Journalism School. He now works as head of news at BFM TV.

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Frédéric Roullier graduated from the Centre de Formation des Journalistes in 2012. He spent four years as a reporter and investigator in the sports department at Canal + and is now a journalist for the audiovisual production company Elephant et Cie.

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Formerly a senior reporter, Patrice Trapier is now a freelance journalist for Le 1 hebdo, Zadig and Théâtral magazine. He was previously editor-in-chief and deputy director of Journal du Dimanche. Also a writer of non-fiction, he has published several books: Mort d'un SDF, La Taupe d'Allah, Innocents, le calvaire des accusés de l'affaire d'Outreau, Les 70 ans du JDD and others.